Rosa Farms is a 12.5-hectare mango-orchard in the coastal province of Zambales, home to the Philippine Carabao Mango. The farm is an agritourism (farm tourism) destination, and is open to walk-in guests who want to experience the ambiance of a real functional farm.

Rosa Farms is home to the Philippines’ sweetest mangoes, the Carabao Mango, and various organic fruits and vegetables. The farm has 888 mango trees, lovingly grown and nurtured for years, to bring you only the best and sweetest breed of mangoes available in the Philippines.

Walk-in guests can lounge around in the activity area or in our cabanas, and also try our mango-themed dishes from our outdoor cafe, Rosa Café. Guests can roam around the orchard, and see first-hand an operational mango farm. You may also purchase pasalubong from our Lolo David’s Country Store.

During our summer harvest season, we offer a mango Pick-&-Pay Program, where guests can experience picking mature green mangoes directly from the trees (which will ripen in 4-5 days from picking).


The origin of Rosa Farms can be traced back to the 1920’s, when the farmland was purchased by a hardworking couple, David Jocson and Rosa Magsaysay, from their lifetime savings. Back then, the 12.5-hectare farm was developed as a rice field, and was referred to as Linoron – the name of a nearby river.

David and Rosa taught the values of hard-work and perseverance to their children and the younger generations. These values, coupled with a strong sense of social responsibility and integrity, became the foundation of the family, with the farm being a constant reminder of these important lessons throughout the years.

The farm witnessed the growth of David and Rosa’s family, having gone through different challenges through the decades, making the family stronger and more resilient.

In 1991, calamity struck. The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo caused the total devastation of the farm, burying the entire area deep in ash, leaving only a few surviving mango trees in the farm. But the resilient spirit and the lessons left behind by David and Rosa remained to uplift the family into rebuilding the farm, virtually from scratch.

After the devastation caused by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, the grandchildren of David and Rosa began the rehabilitation of the farm, and started the development of a mango orchard, breathing new life into the farmland. By 2011, the farm would come to be known as Rosa Farms, under the management of Ding and Nelda Zulueta.

Only the Best and Sweetest Mangoes

On November 8, 2000, to ensure that only the best varieties of Carabao Mangoes are planted in Rosa Farms, Farm Director Ding Zulueta traveled to the National Mango Research and Development Center in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras to acquire some 5,000 mango budsticks of their best mango strains (GES 73, GES 77, GES 84 and GES 85). These scions were then grafted onto local mango seedlings and planted in Rosa Farms in 2001.

Today, Rosa Farms is more than just a venue which provides you with the sweetest mangoes nurtured with patience, care, and True Love. The rich history of Rosa Farms reveals that it remains to be the symbol of David and Rosa’s family’s core values, hoping that these important life lessons transcend to the present generation and to the generations to come.

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Map to Rosa Farms

Getting There

Rosa Farms is located along the National Highway in the coastal province of Zambales, between the towns of San Marcelino and San Antonio, approximately 40 minutes away from the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). The farm is accessible via public transport, with buses heading to IBA or Sta. Cruz, passing directly in front of the farm gate.

The exact address is:
Km. 156 National Highway, Barangay Luna, San Marcelino – San Antonio Boundary, Zambales, Philippines

To navigate to Rosa Farms, tap below:

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Rosa Cafe

Rosa Café

To provide a better experience for our guests, we offer a variety of mango-themed Filipino dishes at Rosa Café, our very own outdoor café located under the shade of the mango trees in our activity area. Rosa Café offers delicious and freshly prepared meals and beverages, made with farm-fresh ingredients.


Meals (Veggies & Greens)
Rosa Gulay Medley (Vegetable Salad)
Lumpiang Gulay
Mango Medley Salad
Mango with Bagoong
Binagoongang Talong


Pork Sinigang
Bangus and Shrimp Sinigang
Grilled Chicken
Grilled Boneless Bangus (Milkfish)
Grilled Tilapia
Grilled Liempo (Pork Belly)
Lumpiang Shanghai
Fried Chicken


Mango Pizza
Mango Turon
Banana Cue + Mango
Mango Sticky Rice
Mac and Cheese
Tokwa’t Baboy (Tofu with Pork) 
Pansit Bihon
Pansit Canton
Pancit Palabok
Squid Balls


Golden Ripe Mango Shake
Sour Green Mango Shake
Sour Green Mango Shake with Miracle Fruit
Mango-infused Iced Tea
Freshly Brewed Coffee
Fresh Herbal Tea (Tarragon or Peppermint)
Bottled Water


Rosa Cafe Menu


Mango Pick and Pay at Rosa Farms

Event Calendar

Planning to visit Rosa Farms and Rosa Cafe or planning to hold an exclusive event at the farm? Check our event calendar and tap on your preferred dates to view the availability details for the farm and cafe.

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Farm Fiesta & Exclusive Events

Rosa Farms is the perfect venue for your family gatherings, reunions, or corporate events. For groups of 30 heads or more, you can have an exclusive event held and professionally facilitated at Rosa Farms, with buffet-style meals, snacks, and beverages throughout the day, and of course, unlimited mangoes.

Farm Fiesta

In true Filipino spirit, we hold our very own fiesta in Rosa Farms, called Farm Fiesta. This is an exclusive event for pre-registered guests, welcoming the harvest season or celebrating Philippine holidays. Participants are treated to a whole day of awesome food, fun and detox activities, where we attempt to bring back the joys of our childhood, and share these joys with our children and peers. Participation fee is Php 1,800.00 per head (Php 900.00 for kids 7 years old and below).

During a Farm Fiesta, guests are treated to the following:

  • Morning Merienda Buffet (starting 9:00 AM)
  • Farm Tour & Farm History
  • Unlimited Ripe & Green Mangoes (with bagoong), Brewed Coffee, and Beverages the entire day
  • Kiddie Pool (Rosa Farms’ water reservoir is transformed into a make-shift pool for the kids)
  • Fiesta Buffet Lunch (Fresh Pinoy-themed dishes)
  • Outdoor Siesta Massage
  • Back-to-childhood games and activities (Pukpok Palayok, Pabitin, etc.)
  • Gardening and Herbal Tea-Making Workshops
  • Afternoon Merienda Buffet
  • Individual Pasalubong Packs

For inquiries and reservations, you may reach us at (63)916-3152223 or (63)2-9905604.

Private Events

Should you want to hold your own party, corporate outing, reunion, or any simple family gathering in Rosa Farms, we can help you organize your special event, themed with a tranquil nature as the perfect backdrop. Our event packages come with Farm-Fiesta buffet-style meals, snacks, and beverages. Just let us know what you need and we’ll customize the venue to fit your needs.

For inquiries and reservations, you may reach us at (63)916-3152223 or (63)2-9905604.

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Mango Pick and Pay at Rosa Farms

Pick & Pay

During our mango harvest seasons, we invite guests to participate in our Pick-&-Pay program, allowing adults and children to experience mango-picking, straight from our trees. The guests are assisted by our farm staff during picking, and the guests’ harvest is then weighed, and the mangoes are sold at the prevailing market rate. Since our opening in 2011, the Pick-&-Pay program has been one of the most sought-after activities of the patrons of Rosa Farms.

The Best Mango Varieties 

Rosa Farms’ mangoes from its 888 mango trees are lovingly nurtured and grown, ensuring that our guests get only the sweetest and best possible varieties of the Philippine Carabao Mango. The mangoes are ready for picking 120 days after induction, with the fruits enclosed in a paper bag, as part of Rosa Farms’ commitment to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Each mango fruit is sealed in a recyclable paper bag, keeping the fruits pest-free, without the need to use pesticides. The mangoes are still green when harvested from the trees, and are expected to ripen within a week from picking. Mangoes are not left to ripen on the tree, to avoid infestation from pests and spoilage.

The Pick-&-Pay Program is available only during the mango harvest seasons, and participants are required to pre-register. Limited slots usually get filled-up quickly, especially during the summer season. We announce schedules for the program through our Facebook Page, so make sure to Like our Page, to stay updated with our harvest calendar.

For inquiries you may reach us at (63)916-3152223 or (63)2-9905604.

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Educational Tours & Workshops

Rosa Farms is certified by the Department of Agriculture as a GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) compliant farm, belonging to an exclusive roster in the country. We advocate the principles of GAP in our trainings and workshops to fellow stakeholders in agriculture, highlighting the value of these principles in operating an agritourism (farm tourism) site.

Educational Tours

Rosa Farms is privileged to have hosted students, not only from the Philippines, but from all over the world, who want to experience what farm life is like in the Philippines. For educational tours held at the farm, we design programs and activities that cater to the specific needs of the students, faculty members, and other participants, making sure that their farm visit is worthwhile and a truly memorable learning experience.

For inquiries and requests for quotations for your exclusive event, you may reach us at (63)916-3152223 or (63)2-9905604.


Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Agritourism

Rosa Farms has been a venue for various training workshops since it opened its doors to the public in 2011, hosting guests from various government and private agencies, including fellow stakeholders in the agriculture sector. Our workshops are designed and organized by professional facilitators and event managers, with topics on GAP and agritourism handled by our own officers and farm consultants. Through these workshops, we share our firsthand experiences in running and operating a GAP-compliant agritourism site, its benefits, challenges, and hopeful direction into the future. We also hold scheduled GAP and Agritourism public workshops.

For inquiries and requests for quotations for an exclusive event for your workshop, you may reach us at (63)916-3152223 or (63)2-9905604.

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Lolo David’s Country Store

Looking for treats and pasalubong? We have a little country store in Rosa Farms, called Lolo David’s, offering farm-based food and non-food products, perfect as pasalubong from your visit in Zambales. You may also order our products as corporate giveaways or as personal gifts.  You may reach us at (63)916-3152223 or (63)2-9905604 for orders and inquiries.


Food Items
Marita Sweet Dried Mangoes (Ripe)
Marita Primera Dried Mango Bits, with less fiber
Marita Atbp. (at iba pa) Dried Mangoes with assorted nuts
Chocolito Chocolate with dried mango bits
Red Hot Rosa Pepper Chili flakes in a bottle
Pinky Pink Himalayan Salt
Rissa Rosa Black Rice, Red Rice
Rosa Mia Muscovado Sugar
Rosa Blend Special Coffee Blend
Ria Rosa Natural Sugar Candies
Rosa Chia Pork Chicharon
RosaLie Crunchy sugar-glazed bread biscuits
Rosa Tarts
Brianna Lady Finger Biscuits


Non-Food Items
Aromatherapy Oil Various scents available
Handcrafted Soap Oatmeal, Guava, and Charcoal
T-Shirts Rosa Farms’ logo printed
Rosa Farms Ecobags
Various Herbs & Seedlings
Mountain Orchids
Various Hand-crafted Items


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